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What we do

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We help clients take their marketing from good to great, aligning marketing activities with business objectives, marrying strategy with creativity.


Strategic Marketing Planning

There are a lot of options for marketers these days, and it's easy to get sidetracked if you don't have a strategy and plan for how to make all the pieces fit together. Without a clear vision and strategy, organizations tend to reach for the wrong goals and burn time on the wrong activities.


KANOA goes inside the mind and heart of the organization through a rigorous discovery and detailed goal setting process. We work together to identify major business challenges and opportunities, and determine which ones marketing can address. Together we figure out which battles to fight, and how to approach them.


Then we create a detailed strategy spanning:

  • Brand development

  • Social media

  • Site content

  • Content marketing

  • Video

  • SEO

  • Search advertising

  • Data

  • Email

And when relevant:

  • Fundraising

  • Conferences

  • Events

Finally, we develop an execution plan that's realistic for the team and budget you have available.

strategic marketing planning
brand creative and message development

Brand, Creative & Message Development

Whether your brand is well-established or in a moment of transition, its messaging and aesthetic can probably be improved. We love translating an organization's vision into a meaningful brand that customers and partners love.


Our approach starts with the organization's mission, vision and values as a jumping-off point. From there we soak in your customers' needs, emotions and triggers. Together we turn a critical eye to your unique value proposition, your competitors, and what makes your company or organization distinct.


Then comes the fun part: we help you try on different brand identities, until we find the one that just feels right. From there we work on developing the messages and aesthetic.


Finally, we make your updated brand and creative strategy concrete, by selecting visual and audio elements to combine with the messages.

ad campaign development

Ad Campaign Development

Great ad campaigns reach the right people, with the right message, at the right moment. They are born of great strategy and authentic messaging, not from a list of keywords.


Understanding your customers' journeys, picking the right moments to engage, and speaking the right language are all essential to your success. So too is understanding which metrics matter, and making a plan to analyze and refine your approach over time.


Our deep experience buying and selling ads, developing creative strategy, and managing production of ad campaigns and programs, all inform our process to help you launch digital and traditional campaigns that deliver real business results.

workshop development and facilitation

Workshop Development & Facilitation

Workshops have the potential to generate unique insights and solutions that move projects forward by leaps and bounds.


However they also have the potential to waste time and kill morale. In our previous companies and at KANOA, we've developed and facilitated workshops for everyone from Fortune 500 execs to YouTube influencers. We've put together a great toolbox of activities and approaches that make an impact. Most importantly, we understand how to create the atmosphere that generates creativity and partnership.


Whether your team needs to kick off a new initiative, launch a new business area, or just come up with more creative ideas, we have the workshop experience that can help you get there.

fractiional cmo

Fractional CMO

Currently unavailable

When organizations grow quickly, go through a transition, or close a funding round, it helps to have an experienced team member who can chart a course for successful marketing, and get the work done.


KANOA has stepped in as a fractional, or fixed-term CMO to help companies level up their marketing.


Due to our capacity limit, we are currently not accepting new clients for this service.


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