We help our clients transform their businesses by improving their strategy, and re-aligning their marketing activities to their actual business objectives. To do this we’ve developed an experiential methodology which we adapt for each organization. We start by charting a course with clear goals, we identify the areas of your business and marketing you'd like to transform, and we work with you to create specific strategies to address each one.  With strategies in place, we help you to start paddling, working through the tactics and adjusting the strategy to meet challenges as they arise. We're here to take the journey together with our clients.


 Without clarity of mind and purpose, organizations often reach for the wrong goals. That's why the Kanoa process starts by diving inside the mind and heart of the organization, going through a rigorous discovery and detailed goal setting. Based on those goals, we work with our clients to identify their major business challenges and opportunities, and determine which ones their marketing can help to address. Together we figure out what battles to fight, and how to approach them. Then we create a detailed plan spanning brand development, social media, SEO, search advertising, video, data, and most importantly, testing.


Great ad campaigns start with great strategy, not with a list of keywords. Understanding your consumers' journeys, picking the right moments to engage, and communicating in the right way are all essential to your success. So too are understanding which metrics matter, and making a plan to analyze and refine your approach over time. Our experiences buying and selling ads, developing creative strategy, and managing production of ad campaigns and programs, all inform our process to helping you figure out the right message, for the right moment.